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The Intern at The Work Spot

Hello everybody, my name is Constance and I’m a junior at the Gwinnett School of Math, Science and Technology. Like your typical, geeky teenager, I enjoy anything relating to computers, like videogames and programming, but I also have an artistic streak in me. Going to a school that focuses on math and engineering, my goal appears to get a degree in computer engineering. However, that artsy side of me wants to be a freelance digital artist, so I’m unsure of what to do in the future.

How I ended up interning for The Work Spot is a simple story. In order to graduate, every junior has to do an internship, called the “Junior Fellowship Experience” and this is the internship I got placed at. My JFE coordinator thought that I would be a good match since I was independent, strong working women and already knew a thing or two about web design and coding. Once every couple of weeks, a class of juniors will get together to share our experiences at our internships.

The question always comes up, “Hey Constance, where do you intern?” Of course I reply, “I intern at a coworking space, The Work Spot,” and then my friends get a funny look on their face. Not many people know what “coworking” actually means, or they guess it consists of people working together, which is kind of right. So to follow up with my reply, this is how I describe coworking:

“Coworking is when independent workers share a work space and exchange ideas as opposed to working at home alone. Unlike a regular office space, coworking is informal and open and focuses more on the community aspect. Like the ‘two brains are better than one’ idea.”

Some of them walk away satisfied, some with still with a confused look on their face, either way, I think to truly know what coworking is, you have to go out and try it for yourself and see what happens.



Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Presentation: Meeting Rooms

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the Gwinnett Chamber’s, Network Gwinnett and had so much fun!  Our 7-minute presentation highlighted our coworking video, but focused primarily on our meeting rooms.

First up was our Meeting Room.

This room is great for an important conference call, client meeting or 1-on-1 interview.  The Meeting Room is $20/hour and includes a white board.

Second up was our Conference Room.


This room works well for small gatherings or workshops.  The Conference Room is $30/hour and includes a full-wall white board and monitor.

Finally, we got to show off our Training Room.


This room can accommodate workshops, presentations, Meetups, and can accommodate 40-50 people, depending on the configuration.  This room is $50/hour and also includes a full-wall white board, projector and screen.

Our rooms can be reserved for 1 hour to all day, Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.  After hours and weekends are also available with a 2-hour minimum.

Reserving a room is simple, just a quick call to 770.330.1001 or an email to info@workatthespot.com with the date and time, will get you a quick response!

A huge thank you again to the Gwinnett Chamber, its Members and Visitors.  Other than the video looping over and over again at the beginning, I had a great time!  The upside is that everyone left, knowing my name. “Hey guys, it’s Rayann Larsen.  Hey guys, it’s Rayann….”

If you need a meeting, conference or training room, make sure you take the time to stop by and check us out.

Still want more info? Click here for even more information about our meeting rooms!

Why I started the Work Spot

Many people ask me why I started the Work Spot and I always tell them the same thing: a need.  A need to get out of my house, away from my kid, my cat and the loneliness therein.  But,  I quickly discovered that it wasn’t a need, but rather a passion.  A passion to meet the most amazing people and just be around them.  Listen to what they are doing, to who they are and what they need.  And if the Work Spot could facilitate that, then I wanted it.

My desire with coworking is to give someone access to it.  From there, it is up to them.

I have been in the corporate world for the last 20 years, but it wasn’t until the last few that I have truly found my passion.  Collaborating with women to embrace the weaknesses surrounding them and turning negativity into action orientated steps to success.  I’m not a certified coach or a mentor.  I have no specialized degrees.   I’m just a woman, a mom, an entrepreneur who has lived life.  Just like the rest of us.

I am addicted to the passion and energy surrounding women owned small businesses.  I thrive on finding points of connection, championing others and building trust and community by bringing out diverse points of view.

I enjoy encouraging women who want to take risks and move forward in their lives by transforming challenging circumstances into opportunity.

“Every obstacle that comes your way, every negative comment, take each one and use it as motivation.  Don’t drown in it. Listen. Consume. Extract all that you can to make you better.”

My passion for collaboration and community also pushed me to recently launch the Atlanta Coworking Alliance.  We [space owners] talk about collaboration within our spaces, but not enough outside them.  I’ve made it my goal to bring more awareness to coworking in Atlanta and in turn, provide greater sustainability to the spaces that serve the movement.