The Intern at The Work Spot

Hello everybody, my name is Constance and I’m a junior at the Gwinnett School of Math, Science and Technology. Like your typical, geeky teenager, I enjoy anything relating to computers, like videogames and programming, but I also have an artistic streak in me. Going to a school that focuses on math and engineering, my goal appears to get a degree in computer engineering. However, that artsy side of me wants to be a freelance digital artist, so I’m unsure of what to do in the future.

How I ended up interning for The Work Spot is a simple story. In order to graduate, every junior has to do an internship, called the “Junior Fellowship Experience” and this is the internship I got placed at. My JFE coordinator thought that I would be a good match since I was independent, strong working women and already knew a thing or two about web design and coding. Once every couple of weeks, a class of juniors will get together to share our experiences at our internships.

The question always comes up, “Hey Constance, where do you intern?” Of course I reply, “I intern at a coworking space, The Work Spot,” and then my friends get a funny look on their face. Not many people know what “coworking” actually means, or they guess it consists of people working together, which is kind of right. So to follow up with my reply, this is how I describe coworking:

“Coworking is when independent workers share a work space and exchange ideas as opposed to working at home alone. Unlike a regular office space, coworking is informal and open and focuses more on the community aspect. Like the ‘two brains are better than one’ idea.”

Some of them walk away satisfied, some with still with a confused look on their face, either way, I think to truly know what coworking is, you have to go out and try it for yourself and see what happens.



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  1. Constance! We are so lucky to have you with us! Thank you for all of your effort!!