Why I started the Work Spot

Many people ask me why I started the Work Spot and I always tell them the same thing: a need.  A need to get out of my house, away from my kid, my cat and the loneliness therein.  But,  I quickly discovered that it wasn’t a need, but rather a passion.  A passion to meet the most amazing people and just be around them.  Listen to what they are doing, to who they are and what they need.  And if the Work Spot could facilitate that, then I wanted it.

My desire with coworking is to give someone access to it.  From there, it is up to them.

I have been in the corporate world for the last 20 years, but it wasn’t until the last few that I have truly found my passion.  Collaborating with women to embrace the weaknesses surrounding them and turning negativity into action orientated steps to success.  I’m not a certified coach or a mentor.  I have no specialized degrees.   I’m just a woman, a mom, an entrepreneur who has lived life.  Just like the rest of us.

I am addicted to the passion and energy surrounding women owned small businesses.  I thrive on finding points of connection, championing others and building trust and community by bringing out diverse points of view.

I enjoy encouraging women who want to take risks and move forward in their lives by transforming challenging circumstances into opportunity.

“Every obstacle that comes your way, every negative comment, take each one and use it as motivation.  Don’t drown in it. Listen. Consume. Extract all that you can to make you better.”

My passion for collaboration and community also pushed me to recently launch the Atlanta Coworking Alliance.  We [space owners] talk about collaboration within our spaces, but not enough outside them.  I’ve made it my goal to bring more awareness to coworking in Atlanta and in turn, provide greater sustainability to the spaces that serve the movement.


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4 Responses to Why I started the Work Spot

  1. Kristin says:

    Love this! My favorite part is this quote:

    “Every obstacle that comes your way, every negative comment, take each one and use it as motivation. Don’t drown in it. Listen. Consume. Extract all that you can to make you better.”

    Can’t wait to watch the spot grow!

  2. Mary Wolski says:

    Interconnection is what Life is all about… and You LIVE It sooooo well Rayann! Thank You 4 BEing YOU!!!

  3. Kassi Hyde says:

    I cannot begin to cover all the benefits to working at The Spot. You are immediately a member of a community of people working as hard as you are! There’s no denying it, spend the money and get a membership, your business will thrive because of it.