10 Reasons you should book your next event at The Work Spot

Training Room

Ok guys, it’s no secret that we have space to rent by the hour or the day. Presenting our 3 options:

1) Meeting Room
2) Conference Room
3) Training Room

Here are 10 reasons why we are more awesome than the other event places:

1) Overhead projector, and all AV connectors included:

Some places charge you to use their equipment in their rental space. Not us! We want to give you as many freebies as possible. We have all AV connectors for Macs and PCs so all you have to remember is to bring your laptop!

2) Free Wi-fi

Yeah, we said it.

3) Coffee Shop next door

Chocolate Perks is located right next to us. Caffeine makes every event better, face it.

4) Ambiance

Our art filled training room provides creativity to even the most non-creative person in corporate America. All of our art is by local artists. We also have a fun orange wall in our training room that can make anyone smile!

5) Free parking… oh and a park right across the street

Don’t you hate going to events and find out parking isn’t included? Parking is always free and we are located right on Main Street in historic Duluth. We are also right across our gorgeous town park area.

6) We can fit 30 comfortably.

Depending on your event and room layout, we can fit around 30 people comfortably in the training room. That’s a lot of people.

7) Price, duh!

Yeah $50 an hour is a steal! And guess what… if you’re a Work Spot member it’s only $25 an hour. Take THAT hotel room rental prices, bam!

8) White board and markers

We know you love to doodle, and we have 16 foot long white board and markers for your enjoyment.

9) We help you promote it

If you have an event in our space, we will post it as an event on our Facebook page and mention it to our members in our weekly newsletter.

10) Cause you want to grow your business

Hosting an event or training session will boost brand awareness, and give you cool points.

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