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Intern- or no Intern that is the question…

The Work Spot has just completed another successful semester with a super-duper sharp intern. Many businesses often find interns to be very helpful, but how do you know if this will be the right fit for you and your business?

  • Do you have time? Interns take a lot of hands on effort, especially in the beginning. Time out your work week and see how many hours a week you can commit to your intern before you even start the search.
  • Have a syllabus. Most schools require the intern to turn in a syllabus prepared by the company of the tasks and duties that will be taking place.  Write the backbone, or main points once to save you time in the future, and then adapt the syllabus on a case-by-case basis depending on the strengths of your intern.
  • Do not just get an intern to get coffee or file papers. This relationship needs to be mutually beneficial.
  • When he/she starts their internship, find out about their hobbies, classes they are taking, and academic strengths. Build a solid relationship.
  • You can often learn from them. Today’s intern generation is super savvy with technology. For example, maybe there is a mobile application that can help with organization that you don’t know about?
  • Give your intern assorted tasks, feedback, a task that he/she can complete from beginning to end.  Let them know the importance of their work and make them feel part of the team.

An intern is a win-win and you could be building company loyalty which could create a great future employee. Get creative, don’t be afraid to take a student under your wing, and encourage your intern to share their future successes with you even when their time with you is done. And remember, HAVE FUN!

If you would like to learn more about getting an intern or resources to find one email us and we’ll be happy to chat with you.

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