Business Centers vs. Coworking


As the word “coworking” has begun to spread, and people are understanding the concept, we often hear these two phrases a lot: “So, you’re like Regus?” and “Ohh, so you’re a business center.”

We can understand where these two thoughts come from, but we wanted to get the word out and set the record straight. Deskmag also reacted to a publication from Regus that boldly defined coworking as something from the “past.” Deskmag has also written about how business centers and coworking spaces are not in competition with one another even though there are overlapping clientele.

Coworking Regus
 People can voluntarily work with one another Many corporations place employees at locations
Attracting individuals Attracting companies
Unique and culturally different locations Many standardized locations
Can be geared towards different specialties, (tech coworking, artistic coworking, women’s coworking) Not specialized
Flexibility to bring in community culture (example: local art work in shared space) Limited flexibility
Cell phones Answering service
Anything but corporate Corporatey
Happy Hour (some locations) Dry
Collaboration encouraged Grey area
Come talk to us about your needs in person Get an online quote


Here are just a few points, and there are many more not mentioned. Maybe we are biased, but at the end of the day coworking is awesome and we want more people to be a part of it.  Collaboration is the name of the game, no matter where it happens.




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  1. derek says:

    Cool article thank you