Keep Calm and Keep Coworking

keep-calm-and-keep-coworkingEver since the coworking movement started, a few questions have arisen. “What is coworking?” and “Is coworking a trend?”. We don’t think it’s going anywhere, but now Forbes came forward with an article from May 28th, titled [drum roll please] “Why Coworking Spaces Are Here To Stay.”

Coworking is bringing the world a new type of work environment, and it’s also positively contributing to the corporate world as well. Corporations will not be able to ignore the innovative coworking spaces and the ideas coming from them. Today, the corporate world’s primary focus is monetary capital, however, there are other important aspects of capital to consider as well. The Forbes article says it best:

“We believe that the 21st century economy will be largely fueled by capital other than monetary capital; meaning influence capital or social capital, human capital—we believe that those are going to be much more powerful as we shift from an industrial to a knowledge-based economy.”

This concept coincides with the very fundamentals of coworking. Yes, with coworking you are technically working alone alongside other people. However, the resources, and human capital at a coworkers fingertips are incalculable. Coworking spaces incubate variety, freedom of expression, and support individuals to bring their own uniqueness and creativity to the space. In the corporate world, many companies praise uniformity and structure. With coworking, rules are minimal and weirdness is encouraged; this could be a reason why some of the most up and coming companies are being born in coworking spaces today.

We’ll leave the final word from our friend Derek Neighbors with Gangplank: “I think that this movement is teaching not only individual freelancers a lot but is teaching corporate America a lot about how people interact, what makes them effective at creation and is really defining the future of how companies interact with each other on a deeper level.”

What do you think the main differences between the corporate world and the coworking world are?

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