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Renting Big Office Space is Old; Coworking is the New Black!!!



While working from home can seem like the ultimate joy for a person who is starting their own business, it can be an illusion when self-motivation hits the breaks. The thought of waking up when you want, working in your PJ’s sounds so good doesn’t it, Ahhh… the good life right? Until you’ve done it for a while…

Truth be told, working from home has its down sides; while it may be very comfortable, it can be too comfortable, and it may also get a little boring. You will want to start to see new faces, want to network, and want to feel like you are a part of a bigger community. Let us face the facts, as people we long for companionship, whether its friends, family, coworkers, spouses, or children. When you do get out of the house, you may get tired of the coffee shops, the limited space, and the fact that you have no professional place to bring in clients when you do see someone face to face. You start thinking about the protection of privacy, residence, and the safety of your kids when it comes to letting outside strangers into your home.

When you join a coworking environment you get the best of both worlds. You are still able to be in a comfortable atmosphere, wake up whenever you like, come dressed comfortably, but you also have a place where you can see other people, network, and bring clients. Not to mention it makes for a great business address.

5 Reasons Why Coworking is Beneficial for Your Business & You

1. DECREASE PROCRASTINATION/ INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY- Coworking reduces the endless list of distractions that can possibly disrupt your productivity. There is no T.V., so you can’t flick through channels while laying on your bed, or slouching on your couch with remote in hand, pushing the laptop to the side, forgetting all about your work, next thing you know you’ve watched 10 episodes of court T.V.,shutterstock-couch-potato Wendy Williams, The View, and four hours have gone by. There are no children to bother you with crying, begging you to take them somewhere, giggling, and chatter (Not that you don’t love them). Your friends and family are less likely wanting to hang around and distract other people as well, and will get the point that you are actually working.



Have you ever heard of the phrase “your network is your net worth”? Well sometimes who you know, or don’t know can make or break you as a business. Have you ever thought about how many different businesses you can have access to without a major search? With coworking, you have a chance to work around like minds, and those that may aid you in the progression of your business. You may be in need of a graphic designer, or a marketing guru, who may be sitting right in your presence. You would be able to get to know people on a more personal level, rather than going to hire a random company. This keeps you closer to your work, and could be like having everything you need under one roof. Or maybe all you need is a little guidance for your new business; your coworking space may have seminars, workshops, and information sessions for small businesses for you to attend to help strengthen your company for the long run.


Overhead is all the cost you have to pay for, just to keep the show going, whether anyone shows up all month or not. Overhead can be a costly matter when it comes to working from home or having a physical location, especially being a business owner where your paycheck comes last. ????????????????????????????????????????Coworking allows you to pay money to utilize space for a low price, and that is it. No catches, no gimmicks, nothing. You don’t have to worry about electricity, gas, or water bills. You don’t have to worry about an ever ending pile of bills cutting a large slice out of your pie, leaving your profit margin slim to none. Best of all, most spaces are based on a monthly payment plans. If you have the money to rent space this month, that’s great; if you don’t next month, you don’t have to worry about not having the money to pay for it. While they may hate to see you go, they will be even happier to see you back when you are ready.


Joining a coworking space you don’t have to worry about hiring a cleanup crew, or doing it yourself. You don’t have to worry about the A.C. going out, furniture being broken, ware and tare on things, keeping up to date with your servicescape, and where to get the money to fix all of the problems.


Where is the first place you go when you get bored at home? That’s right…. It is to your refrigerator. You thought gaining weight just sitting at your desk was horrible; imagine what having more access to food, and all day access to a bed and couch can do to you. If you are already out of the house, you are probably more likely to walk to a coworking place, if it is close enough, maybe go to a nearby gym, or travel back home for lunch, not having to purchase fast food. over_weight_measure_tape_waist_manThough working from an office still has its shortcomings, CNN has a great article called “Gaining Weight at Work”, written by Rachel Zupec in 2007, with some good tips in it about keeping fit in an office atmosphere. Maybe you’ll even get some new buddies at your coworking spot to join you.


And there you have it; Five Major reasons a coworking spot is perfect for you and your business. Get out of the house and make something of your time. Be productive, and grow your business. Network, scratch out the overhead, and keep those pounds from jumping on. 

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