Banco credito hipotecario de guatemala

Banco credito hipotecario de guatemala


As if that were not enough, they have implemented additional offers such as allowing the deferral of the first monthly payment or eliminating certain commissions. So, if you are planning to buy a house to become independent or stop renting, this could be the perfect time.

It should be noted that some institutions set certain requirements for applicants to be eligible for the lowest mortgage interest rate. For example, they consider factors such as your credit history or the monthly payment term you choose. That is why in the comparison table, for some banks a minimum and maximum interest rate range is indicated.

Now that you know which bank has the best interest rate for mortgage loans and how to choose the most appropriate one, we recommend that you take advantage of the opportunities that the real estate market offers this 2021 and make your pre-qualification to know the approximate amount of credit you can access.

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The information comes from the monthly report of the Superintendencia de Bancos de Guatemala, which for the first time includes information on weighted interest rates of credit portfolios, by economic activity, type of credit and by rank.

The loan portfolio placed grew 9.8% in 2013, while the assets of supervised banking institutions increased 12%.During 2013 banks granted a greater number of loans, as their portfolio had a growth of 9.8%. While in 2012 loans registered $9,139 million, in 2013 they were $10,043 million, with a difference of $904.3 million.

From January to November 2009, bank assets increased $1,186 million.According to information from the Superintendency of Banks, the five main banks concentrate 79% of bank assets.

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The structure has 12 murals in total, 5 on the west façade, 5 on the east façade, 2 in the lobby and the fifth level respectively, created by Carlos Mérida. The exterior murals were painted by 2 artists with the same 5 themes.

The murals on the eastern side, the part adjacent to the Bank of Guatemala, were created by the outstanding Guatemalan sculptor, Roberto González Goyri. They were made with the purpose of representing the broad social projection as a fundamental objective of the CHN.

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Part of the request was for a “List of beneficiaries detailed by name of the individual or legal entity that received the loan, amount in quetzales received, date on which the loan was granted”.

It is important to note to the readers that those who received the money as a loan from CHN, which is already owed by all Guatemalans since the debt has been acquired, are not depositors who have the protection.

“For the foregoing reasons, I would like to indicate that it is not feasible to provide the requested information, related to the detail of the names of the beneficiaries, under any modality because it tends to reveal the confidential nature of the debtors, since they have the quality of ‘depositors’, nor the information that they have provided to the bank, which includes the publication in official web portals, which tends to reveal the identity of the beneficiaries and depositors,” said the CHN.

None of the articles cited by the CHN, contemplates that the loans given by a banking institution, with Guatemalan money, cannot be audited and for that, it is necessary to know to whom they were granted and how they have been paid.

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