Seguridad social ciudad real vida laboral

Seguridad social ciudad real vida laboral

Direct social security

Every day more and more procedures are carried out online, thus avoiding the saturation of offices and making information more accessible. For this reason, the administration is continually seeking to improve its online services, which has given rise to the ‘Tu Seguridad Social’ (TuSS) portal.

This portal allows queries, procedures or even simulate your benefits in a personalized way, as it collects the data available to the Social Security for each citizen. This data is updated and can be consulted at any time after logging in.

Citizen’s folder

The usual opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, except for the INSS Attention and Information Centers, which are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.

Any Management and administration of the economic benefits of the Social Security system (INSS) Management and protection of seafarers (ISM) Management of affiliation, contribution, collection and payments (TGSS)

This search engine allows you to locate the nearest offices by entering a specific address. The results will be sorted by distance and by type of office. This search engine does not guarantee compliance with the accessibility guidelines of this website. As an alternative, you can use the Office Directory search engine.

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Previous appointment for foreigners

The work life report is the official document issued by the General Treasury of the Social Security in which our work activity is recorded. In essence, the periods in which a person has been contributing to the Social Security System, whether as an employee or self-employed.

The employment history, which contains the dates of registration and cancellation of an activity, as well as the companies we have worked for, the professional activities we have carried out as independent workers or the time we have been contributing in total, will be necessary on many occasions and it is important to know how we can easily obtain it online.

To request our work life report and download it through the Internet, we must go to the new portal of the Social Security General Treasury, Import@ss and access the section Work life and reports.

Once in this new page, we will have to access the procedure Report of your working life by clicking on it. You can access your request by clicking on the Request report button or, if you are requesting it for another person, click on Request as proxy. You will then be shown the five ways to access the procedure: with Cl@ve Permanente, Cl@ve PIN, digital certificate or via SMS.

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General treasury of social security

In 1938, in the midst of the Civil War, the Labor Code was enacted on the Nationalist or Francoist side, which can be considered the foundation on which Social Security was built as it was understood during the Dictatorship of General Franco. In the Fuero del Trabajo it is stated: the State values and exalts work and will protect it with the force of law, granting it the highest consideration and making it one of the noblest titles of hierarchy and honor. In the same document, the State undertakes to extend old age, disability, sickness and unemployment insurance.

The 1972 Law for the Financing and Improvement of the Protective Action attempted to correct the existing financial problems by increasing the protective action, with the corresponding resources that gave it financial coverage.

On the other hand, article 149.1.17.ª establishes that the State has exclusive competence over the basic legislation and economic regime of Social Security, without prejudice to the execution of its services by the autonomous communities. The first major reform took place with the publication of Royal Decree Law 36/1978, of November 16, 1978, which, in accordance with what was agreed in the Moncloa Pacts (1978), created a system of institutional participation of the social agents favoring the transparency and rationalization of the Social Security and the establishment of a new management system carried out by the following bodies:

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